Everyone even newbie has to carry a divot fixer tool. By making divot on green, you are leaving a hole in green that can disrupt the strategy of other golf players in the event that it is within their line. Not only that, it can make the greens look untidy. So as much as possible, keep your stuff in optimal shape and fix divots by putting divot tool in green and lift up the grass surrounding it.

Equipment and Gears to Secure when Playing Golf

There are several gears and equipment as well that should be invested on when playing golf. Few of these are discussed in the next lines.

Retractable Club Brush

Club brushes are extremely important. Every golfer should have one in their golf bags. It is given that clubs may get dirt and rust up after some time.

Brushing it can help in maintaining its quality and condition.

Golf Shoe Bag

The moment that you’re done on your round, things may get a bit messy as you get into car with your shoes. You’ll accumulate sand, dirt, track dirt and a lot more. Prevent this from happening by bringing a golf shoe bag to keep your shoes.