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online sports bettingThe search for reputable and secure betting sites (bahis siteleri) continues as Turkish authorities continue to impose harsher penalties on those found guilty of placing bets in online sports betting sites. The search though could end at review sites that recommend only those that enable Turkish citizens to engage in gambling, including the young sports fans who have reached majority age.

Turks are passionate about all major football competitions be they local, national or international. As it is, love of sports is a large part of the country’s culture, as its introduction dates as far back as the Ottoman Empire. Besides, the Turkish national football team plays as a strong competitor in the FIFA and Euro Cup World Championship events.

Although in 2007, the Turkish government established the IDDAA to operate as an online gambling monopoly that aims to keep all gambling transactions and revenues confined in the country, the state-owned betting site failed to achieve its goals.

Sports Punters are Mostly Tech Savvy Young Turks

Out of the estimated 7 million Turks whom statistical reports found actively involved in online sports betting, only a few use the services and products of IDDAA. The feedback is that the government-run site offers betting options for only seven sports markets, namely football, basketball,,tennis, hockey, volleyball and a host of local, traditional sports and Olympic events.

In contrast, despite their lack of physical presence in the country,young tech savvy Turkish punters prefer the offshore-based international bookmakers. Mainly because the betting services cover more sports betting markets, while offering competitive betting odds and greater sign-up bonuses and chances of earning free bets.

Overviews of Moneyline Football Betting Options Preferred by Turkish Bettors

bank notes placed on sports betThe simple reason why the population of sports bettors in the country has been growing is because many of Turkey’s sports enthusiasts are coming of age. As a matter of fact, the country’s latest football hero, 19-year old Arda Güler recently made a remarkable record as the youngest Turkish player who scored a goal while playing for Spain’s Real Madrid. Güler is also a player for Turkey’s national football team
Now for the benefit of eligible young sports fans looking to participate in the sports betting arena, there are several football betting options that a bookmaker offers, namely the spread, moneyline and the over/under betting options. Below is a description of the moneyline option as it is the simplest method of betting against the bookmaker.
Moneyline Bets – This betting option is a straightforward method as it simply requires choosing a team that one predicts as the likeliest team to win in a specific match, let’s say between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.
The team forecasted as the likeliest to win is the “favourite” while the less popular team is the “underdog.” The moneyline for the favourite displays a minus sign and the value next to it is the amount a gambler needs to wager, in order to win the moneyline prize offered by the bookmaker.

On the other hand, the underdog team displays a moneyline sign of a plus symbol. The value indicated next to the sign is the amount that a sports bettor wins if his chosen team emerges as winner.